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Great taste starts young ...

and she will be a client for life!

If you have dreamed of owning your own home decor and design store, this just may be your dream come true!

Rose Clark made her dreams come true 17 years ago after 20 years in the staffing industry. She and her husband have renovated many homes and she wanted a place where she could source high style and beautiful furnishings and accessories for their homes. She knew others were looking for the same. So, the idea of opening a store became a reality. She opened Red Chateau in 2003.


After 15 years in a large, 6k square foot store, Rose downsized to 2k square feet so that she could spend more time on her home design and decor builds and remodels.  This part of her business has exploded and it's time to find a the right buyer for the store, possibly making your dreams come true.


The Red Chateau, now Chateau Design and Interiors is available for purchase!   Chateau Design and Interiors is located in a major shopping center in a great location with major intersections for easy access.

The Chateau has a fabulous reputation with a tremendous following with other designers and clients who love to shop there for the perfect items for their homes. The Chateau has been featured in many publications for its high style and aesthetics.

This store is perfect for:


1. Anyone who is a professional in the home decor and design industry;

2. Anyone with a keen sense of design and loves to help others decorate;

3. Anyone who wants a successful business with a store front where you can meet great customers and make new friends, while maintaining a great income.

It's the perfect size for those who have not had a store front before, to fulfill their dream of having one.

If you are interested in buying Chateau Design and Interiors, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted immediately.

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